GQ . (born September 25, 1991), better known by his stage name PAPI GQ is a East Oakland native upcoming American Rapper, songwriter, athletic player, actor and CEO of #FREEGAME entertainment. As of January 2016, PAPI GQ has release his latest mixtape " Writers Block EP " with three of the 8 songs having music videos released  ("Never Had" Prod. by Piggy, "Real Quick" Prod. LT BEATS , and "7 days A Week" Prod. by LT BEATS all reaching over 5k views in a week).
PAPI GQ was born in East Oakland, California. He was raised by his single mother and while growing up in the urban streets of oakland, he had dealt with many obstacles. GQ said, " I was dealing with problems with my  older brother being incarcerated & my family being hurt behind it.'' Papi GQ started recording songs in high school & continued to record throughout his college years playing football .. Now a year out of college Papi GQ plans to take over the Oakland rap scene with songs based on truth & reality ! Papi GQ uses a phrase called #FreeGame which refers to the lyrics he tells in his raps. Lyrics based on facts which gives knowledge & game to
certain situations which is #FreeGame

for press info :
email info@papigq.com